The Four D's in Personal Property Appraisal: Death, Disaster, Debt, and Divorce

  "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes" - Benjamin Franklin   Personal property appraisers play an important role in helping their clients handle the 4-D’s – death, divorce, debt, divorce, disaster.


For example, after a natural disaster occurs, such as a flood, an appraiser may be asked to perform an appraisal to determine the value of items that were lost, prior to and subsequent to the disaster.


A different kind of disaster can occur when items are intentionally damaged or stolen. We highly recommend to our clients that the Collection Management team at Your Art Concierge can incorporate high resolution digital images of their high value items, include all of the documentation and provenance pertaining to each individual piece in the collection, appraise all items for current replacement value, and retain and update that information in our Collection Management database on a continual basis. This documentation method is particularly valuable at the time of securing insurance.


Additionally, individuals may incur debt because of a disaster, and seek to procure a bank loan. A personal property appraiser from Your Art Concierge can assist with valuing property for orderly liquidation or for use as collateral to secure a loan.


When a loved one dies, a personal property appraiser from Your Art Concierge can perform an appraisal on the items included in the estate for the purpose of equitable distribution, and determine the best venue in which to sell items which the estate does not wish to keep.


Another often unexpected event that an appraiser from Your Art Concierge can help with is divorce.  Our appraisers can provide an appraisal for Fair Market Value to assist in the equitable division of personal property.


At Your Art Concierge, we can offer important professional referrals when seeking a fair settlement during uncertain circumstances. Our appraisers’ professional valuation reports are very important tools in the resolution process.


To acquire a referral to a qualified personal property appraiser from Your Art Concierge, please visit:


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